The Essence of Sufism: What is to Love?

rumi-lovers-dont-meet-oxford-photo1 (1)

I remember asking this to my mom that what do I get by saying my prayers. What do God get by listening to my prayers? I could never get a convincing ‘rational’ response to these questions. As I said in my earlier post, sufism tries to answer these questions and it does so in a way that rationality doesn’t become a factor, since it brings in the concept of ‘Love’ (I believe ‘Love’ doesn’t require rationality). Consider the following scenario when:

the lover and the beloved are away from each other. They can’t see each other. They don’t have  any mode of communication. In that situation, Only a lover would know the yearning for his/her beloved. The beloved might not know to what extent the lover loves him/her, since he/she can’t talk to or see him/her. He/she doesn’t know empirically to what extent the lover yearns for her. Now, let’s assume the beloved found an empirical evidence with which he/she can say with full confidence that nobody other than that lover can love him/her to that extent. Now the question is wouldn’t the beloved continue to love the lover if he/she knew that?

I think the answer to that question is ‘yes’ and the subject and object of that scenario are interchangeable, that is, the lover can be the beloved and the beloved can be the lover. Therefore, it can be said that both of the subject and object yearn for each other. Now if you put ‘God’ as the lover and ‘yourself’ as the beloved, you can’t see the yearning of God for you, ’cause He is abstract. Now put ‘yourself’ as the lover, and ‘God’ as the beloved and  your prayer shows yearning for God. I said earlier that the subject and the object are interchangeable and under that premise, it is true that both yearn for each other. Now since, you yearn for God, doesn’t he yearn for you then?

This was just a thought. I think yearning can be shown in many different ways other than prayer – what I have as the five times daily prayer called ‘Namaz’. The dervishes in Istanbul whirl to achieve their union with God. (I don’t know if they say their prayer five times a day). Another beauty of this thought is that it is valid among humans too – the result of which is what I believe called, ‘platonic love’.

Now it is for you to decide whether to yearn in the first place. Is it all necessary to do the same as the lover does, that is, to return the love? In Newton’s term, should we have an equal and opposite reaction to every action, all the time. Well Newton’s laws are ‘laws’ but who said laws can’t change. So yeah. Some questions to be dealt with in my journey of thoughts. Meanwhile, I am posting a transalted sufi song which pretty much recites the essence of sufism. I hope to reflect on Rumi, the founder of the Mevlevi order in Istanbul, Turkey in my later posts. This guy sure knows what love is.


Love is the Lord’s music
Love is Diwali of the heart
Love is a fragranting goblet
Love is the red of the morning
Love is a falling waterfall
Love is a rising poem
Love is wrapped in breath
Love is visible in the eyes

You separate my heart from my soul
You sacrifice me like this
You are my condition and my walk
Turn me amorous

For you, my love is selfless
For you, my love is selfless

When I think about you, it’s morning
When I think about you, it’s evening
Only your name is there in my destinations
By burning in your fire and turning from coal to diamond
I have to show you by moving ahead of dreams

For you, my love is selfless
For you, my love is selfless

Meet me on such paths where hands shall separate while walking together
Meet me in such nights where the nights will pass by just talking
Meet me in such nights
What am I? What is God?
Everything is where you are
When I found your lips, my lips smiled
Why go any further?

For you, my love is selfless
For you, my love is selfless


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