Another Time, Another Place

There is a thought hovering in my mind.
May be on another time, in another place
I’ll rewind.

I have exactly 29 days left till I’m done with my first year in college. Throughout the year, I captured the view from my window and to my surprise, it is quite the metaphor to my experience so far. The sky must be an organism, who knows?

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As always, a new song for you to listen to:

“You’re stiff as a board!”


So I decided to lead a healthy lifestyle at the start of this year and it was time to catch up in the fitness race. American colleges are quite resourceful when it comes to athletics and fitness. In RIT, there is a fitness lab which gives you a comprehensive fitness test and tells you your level of fitness and what you should aim for. I was quite impressed with the scientific approach and the data measurement (man, they used an ultra-sonogram to measure my body fat composition!). At the same time, I was laughing at the result I got. It’s quite embarrassing and motivating at the same time. My advice for now to everyone is to exercise every day and get fit, cause it feels really great - mentally and physically.

Check out this song by the Girls (especially during a rainy weather)!

Don’t know why

I don’t know why children are given the wrong information in their preliminary years of schooling. I don’t have a strong argument for it but I feel betrayed and am assuming everyone does, when a new information appears to you in your higher studies and you realize what you learned previously was wrong. I get the whole point of unlearning and relearning being the deciding factor of literacy in this generation, said by someone intelligent I guess, but learning “a” truth than “the” false, (pause)… matters.

You might be wondering what I’m talking about. I was reading a little on pi. Yes pi, the so called mysterious number and it turned out that what my middle school book said about pi being equal to 22/7 was completely rubbish. The authors should have written pi can be approximated as 22/7 but not equal to it. Makes a whole big difference, doesn’t it? If you don’t believe it makes a difference, check out this integral.



And also check out Norah Jones. I listened to this song for a continous 5 to 8 hours while flying to Belgium. Don’t know why.

Time to Spring

Like a fish is to water, I think mid term breaks are one of the most essential part of a semester in college life. So as you have guessed it, my mid term break, or how it is called “Spring break” (although it’s more appropriate to identify the climate to be winter) has just started and I initiated it with a spiritual discourse in downtown Rochester.

The spiritual discourse was on Sufism. It was to my surprise that I discovered there is a Sufi order in Rochester (I mean, Rochester is such a secluded city and I could never imagine Sufism, a remote idea from the middle eastern world, to exist in such an unpredictable place). And to a bigger surprise, Sufism existed in the western world since 25 years. It was brought in this region by the Sufi, Hazrat Inayat Khan. This Sufi order organizes a poetry recitation every third Friday of the month and it is called “Rumi Cafe”.

So I went to the event and it started with a poem by Rumi called “Spring Giddiness”. The rest of the poems were by Hafiz, a classic poet in the Sufi literature. There was also a meditation session after the first poem and personally, I thought it wasn’t part of what Sufism preaches and was quite “westernized”. And so anyway, my curiosity was to the poetry and I will quote some interesting lines from Hafiz that caught my attention.

I have fallen in love with Someone
Who hides inside you.
We should talk about this problem -
Otherwise, I may never leave you alone.
- We should talk about it by Hafiz

If I appear on your doorstep, don’t be surprised,
like me, many strangers and exiles seek your land.
- Strangers by Hafiz

After a nice chat with a lady there, asking about my burning question of how that Sufi order came to be in Rochester, I set my foot outside to the Little cafe to have my dinner (ate this new dish called Quiche, liked it much!) while listening to live Jazz by Annie Wells. And that is how I concluded a great half semester! Tomorrow, I am going to wake up late and work on some stuff. Hopefully, the highlight of the coming week would be a cinematic bus ride from downtown Rochester to the Ontario Beach. Hope it would be a warmer weather.

Below are some pictures from today and last week:

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More on the Orange Girl

I have finally finished reading the book and I hate to say that all my joy in reading the letter from Jan Olav was ruined by the occasional disruptions of his verbose son Georg. Anyhow, I will quote two of the most interesting quotes from Jan Olav which I gained in this drizzled discourse in a lazy Rochester evening:

I sat there mulling over a problem: if you’re looking for a person in a large city and have no idea of their whereabouts, is it best to move around from place to place, or is the chance of meeting them greater if you sit down in a central location and wait until they turn up of their own accord?

In choosing to live, you also choose to die.

Meanwhile, enjoy listening to Mazzy Star.


Weekend Special

Has this ever occurred to you that it feels like weekends come too fast? Majority says the opposite. But I’m celebrating ’cause it’s different in my case. Celebrating it with a piece of Roman Panini, a glass of strawberry smoothie mixed with a little something and T.Rex in the background.